Vision Statement Form

This form is intended as a personalized vision statement unique to your child, creating a convenient way to share information about them prior to a transition to a new teacher or school and/or to accompany IEP meetings. It emphasizes the positive attributes of your child, while outlining the long-term goals you have as a family. Upon completion of the form, an email will be sent directly to you with the one-page document as well as a photo attachment (if you uploaded one on the template), for you to print, forward, or keep for your records. We hope you find this to be a great asset for you and your child in an effort to streamline the communication about their current educational profile.


Note: We are committed to your privacy. This form will be shared with only the email recipient and email addresses will not be shared with a third party.

You will receive a customized copy of your child’s Vision Statement in your email.

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    Vision Statement How do you envision your child's future? What goals do you/they have?
    Strengths Include personality strengths, academic, leisure, and processing
    What Works for Me Include strategies that help your child be successful. These may include accommodations on the IEP
    What Doesn't Work Things to avoid when working with your child
    What I'm Working On Include academic, behavioral, social, and communication goals
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