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Social Story: Photos with Santa

Social stories can be a very effective way to prepare children for something that may be new, or anxiety inducing. Reading a story ahead of time that outlines what our children can expect in a new situation, can often lead to more positive experiences. While visiting Santa can be a yearly tradition and a rite of passage, for many children it is actually a very stressful event and time of year. Use this social story to help your child, and feel free to personalize it by downloading  the Word document.  Alter the story to make it specific to your child, including pictures of where they will meet Santa, pictures of themselves, as well as to include calming strategies that work for them.

Social Story: Santa

Help prepare your child for their visit with Santa at All Children’s Academics. Reading this story multiple times before the visit will help your child to understand what to expect, as well as will alleviate fears and stress. Feel free to edit the story to fit your child’s needs!

During the holidays, some people like to go visit Santa to get their picture taken. This may happen at the mall or at a special event.

Sometimes when you visit Santa, you may have to wait in line, and it may be noisy. If it is too noisy you can cover your ears or wear headphones. You can play with a special toy while you wait.

You may be surprised by the way he looks with his big beard and big red coat, but Santa is very friendly and kind. If you want, you can tell him what you want for Christmas. You can also sit on his lap. Some kids don’t like to sit on Santa’s lap, and can take their picture sitting near Santa.

The photographer will take your picture, and you can say, “Cheese!” and smile.

After you get your picture taken, you can do something fun like go to the park!

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