School Closure Resources

Tips for Surviving the Coming Weeks

Colleen will be providing instruction aimed at early elementary students at 10 am each school day, via Zoom starting on Monday, March 16, 2020! This will include a morning meeting and topic and activities for the day.

Feel free to join in! All ages and abilities are welcome. Bring some normalcy back into the lives of our students and connect with other children in a safe format!

Does your child currently receive special education services?

Reach out to your special education team, some districts will be offering services through Zoom or other online modes for those students who would benefit from that format.

Do you have an upcoming IEP?

You may be asked to hold your IEP online or digitally. To adhere to timelines for some this will be appropriate. Be sure to request all documents to be reviewed to be sent digitally to you ahead of time. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may “open” the meeting to meet the timeline, but wait to hold a part two in person once school resumes. For students who have time sensitive changes happening within their IEP (initial services, needed behavioral supports) I highly suggest holding the digital meeting, as school districts will have MANY IEPs to reschedule once schools open, and waiting to hold the meeting can delay critical services for your child. Remember, you can always immediately request an in person meeting, which would start a 30 day timeline for scheduling.

Daily Activity Schedule

During this trying time of school closures, having consistency and a predictable day for our students is critical! This daily schedule includes visuals and can be edited to meet your child’s individual needs.


This is an editable daily schedule we created to help with maintaining some level of predictability for our children. Revise it to meet your needs and add specific choices your student has access to.

MS Word .doc

Play “We Are Going On A Bear Hunt” Game

Go on a drive or a safe walk- add up all the bears and other fun stuffed animals that you find along the way!

Adobe PDF .pdf

play bear hunt game preview

Additional Helpful Resources

Visit our website for helpful links during this time, which will be updated on an ongoing basis. This includes free educational subscriptions, including Mindful Movement with Maggie, an online workout platform for parents and kids, which has generously offered our students and their families 30 days of unlimited workouts!

Virtual Museum Tours

From Your Home

Free Subscriptions

During School Closures

Spelling City

Use Code: VSCFree90

Draw Everyday with JJK

Free Online Art Lessons Daily: 2PM ET

Mindfulness with Maggie

Mindful Movement with Maggie, an online workout platform for parents and kids, has generously offered our students and their families 30 days of unlimited workouts. There are classes for adults, children and for adults and children to do together. With a focus on mindfulness and breathing, each routine is designed to help ground ourselves at home, breathe deeply, and find ways to feel safe and at home in our own bodies.

To receive your unique access code for a 30-day free trial of Mindful Movement with Maggie,

Exercise plays an important role in a child’s life, especially during times of stress and uncertainty and I am happy that I am able to provide that to families when they need it most.


Cheers to moving often and moving forward.

Stay healthy everyone! We are here for you.