questions for prospective school

Questions to ask a prospective school

Whether you are attending a back to school night at your local elementary school, exploring charter school options, or researching options for your child with a disability, it is critical to ask the right questions to get a full picture of the climate, goals, and essence of the school. The following questions are a great place to start!

  1. As a school, how do you promote a positive climate?
  2. What are your school-wide positive behavior supports that are implemented?
  3. What type of communication do you use to stay in contact with families? How often can I expect it?
  4. What ways to you use to engage students in 21st century learning skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, technology)?
  5. Are there social emotional programs used to support students on a school-wide level? Class-wide?
  6. How do you respond when a student is not following the class/school expectations? What is the class behavioral system? At what point are parents brought into the fold?
  7. What is the student to teacher ratio? Is there aide support in the classroom?
  8. What systems of support do you have for children who may be struggling to meet the academic or behavioral expectations, or for students who need more challenge on the academic front?
  9. What services are available to students? (are they included in the base price?) ex: therapy, speech, OT, friendship groups, behaviorist support
  10. What is your school vision regarding inclusion? How do you help all students to feel included?
  11. What strategies and approaches are used to increase student engagement?
  12. What would you like for me to know about your teaching style, approach, and philosophy?

When you schedule a school tour, be sure to come prepared, and these questions are a great start. Choosing the perfect school for your child is a challenging task, if you require support through this process contact us.