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Special Education Associate Advocate (Part-time)

Arnold Advocacy, Novato, CA

job description

The Special Education Associate Advocate’s role is to support and advocate for clients through the 504/ IEP process, including, but not limited to: understanding of assessments, initial and re-eligibility, request for services, improvement on accommodations and follow through, as well as the implementation of appropriate behavior plans and behavior strategies. Additionally, the applicant must be able to identify the most appropriate least restrictive environment as well as the most appropriate placement. This work would be done with oversight, consultation, and collaboration with an experienced and well-established advocate with a robust clientele in the Marin County, California area. Work would include virtual support for IEP meetings, consultation with families, file reviews, as well as in-person classroom observations (including data collection) and placement visits.

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  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with proficiency working as a team with a student-centered focus
  • Easily adaptable with a problem solving mentality
  • Deep knowledge of special education, IDEA, and the public school system
  • Understanding of Functional Behavior Assessments, as well as evidence-based practices for positive behavioral support
  • Understanding of the systems and organizations that support families with disabilities (regional center, DOR, parent training institutions, local nonprofits)
  • Experience and in-depth understanding of autism, learning disabilities (dyslexia), ADHD, students with complex support needs (AAC users), and students requiring social-emotional support (anxiety, depression, OCD)
  • Experience and understanding of the complexity of student transition (EI to elementary school, school transitions, transition to adulthood)
  • Disability equity and justice lens with an emphasis on inclusion, person-centered support, and self-advocacy
  • Critical analysis and empathy for the ableist societal barriers faced by disability community from direct experience either personal or professional

background / education

  • Advanced degree in an area related to Special Education/ Disability Studies (Special Education Credential, SLP Certification, OT, Master’s in Special Education)
  • Experience with direct student/client services within the educational setting for at least five years (public/nonpublic preferred, private considered)
  • Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocate Certification holders, as well as parents of a child with a disability with IEP advocacy experience, to be prioritized

Please send a Resume and Cover Letter to Dr. Colleen Arnold,