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It is progress report time!

Did you know that you should be receiving goal updates and/or progress reports just as frequently as a general education child gets updates on their academic growth? Typically, this means you should be given goal updates that coincide with your child’s report card timeline. Has this been your experience?

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Progress reports should be sent to you by your child’s case manager, and include all the current IEP goals (speech, OT, academic, behavioral, etc.) applicable to them. These updates should give you a clear picture of how your child is doing at this point in the year, as compared to their initial baseline, as well as the annual goal that was set forth by the team.

Word to the wise: read your progress reports carefully and thoroughly! If you notice a lack of progress, follow up with your team, and if necessary, schedule a meeting.
Reminder: you can call an IEP meeting at any time (and it must be held within 30 days of the request) to discuss lack of progress, adjust service levels, or to simply brainstorm collaboratively should a goal not be addressed.

All too often we see clients that have an upcoming annual review, and after reviewing their files, we notice that they have NEVER received any goal updates! The team should consistently be revisiting the child’s current progress levels as well as goals, and sharing those updates with the family. Bottom line: schools are deemed ‘out of compliance’ if they are not taking these measures throughout the year, doing so alongside the report card timeline.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help guide you in this process.