Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Consultant

An Individual Education Plan, or (IEP) is required through IDEA for students who have a disability that impacts their access to their education.There is a referral process that occurs prior to a child qualifying for an IEP that includes formalized testing, observations, and early history and development information. Once a child qualifies for an IEP, IEP meetings are held yearly in order to review the services, setting, and progress towards the goals set forth for the student. Every three years, children must go through the eligibility process again in order to continue to qualify for services.

As an IEP advocate, Colleen Arnold assists parents through this process, empowering them to become active members of the IEP team in an effort to ensure that both the support, services, and goals written are well aligned for the specific needs of the child. A strong IEP plan is the backbone for educational progress for many students with disabilities, therefore, assistance in understanding the document as well as advocating for best practice and supports, is imperative. As your IEP advocate, Arnold Advocacy gives families a voice in the process, and helps to ensure best practice is established from beginning to end.