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Parents, educators, therapists, like… come one, come all! This informational training helps anyone with whom interacts with an individual with autism, to better communicate, understand, and relate to their client of loved one. Be sure to register early and save your space in this 2-hour zoom class.

Join us November 9th from 3-5 pm as we delve into ‘scripting’ strategies to help support your child’s voice and overall communication.

Learn how ‘scripting’ (delayed echolalia) is beneficial to autistic individuals, specifically in the areas of communication, relationship-building, and inclusion.

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Nov 9, 2020

3-5 PM

Online via ZOOM

COST: Free

special education autism zoom event

What is ‘Scripting’ (or delayed Echolalia)?

Does your child or client commonly recite movie lines as a way of communicating their feelings? Or perhaps use ‘stock phrases’ when interacting with others? Does he/she have difficulty responding in real-time? For many in the Autistic community, ‘scripting’, or delayed echolalia, is a common form of communication which often presents itself in such scenarios referenced in the above instances. Over time, these learned behaviors become necessary and adaptive tools in their tool box for which to relate, express, and talk to others.

Join us on November 9th from 3-5pm via Zoom as Arnold Advocacy, in conjunction with Matrix Parent Network, presents the results of Dr. Arnold’s original research, which looked to understand how scripting is beneficial to autistic (1) individuals, specifically in the area of communication.

Her research looks at the evolution of scripting over time and the barriers that are faced when overall communication styles differ. The study was framed by the neurodiversity model and analyzes the barriers that impact accessibility for the disabled population, which can result in exclusion and discrimination.(2)

Her research prioritizes the autistic voice in understanding what strategies and supports can be used by communication partners in order to more successfully navigate meaningful relationships.

(1)(2) Dr. Arnold uses identity-first language throughout her work in an effort to respect the autism community based on the arguments presented by Brown, 2015.

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