Distance Learning Service Delivery

Get ahead of the curve with our Menu of Custom Services for Special Education Students.

With distance learning last Spring, there was a huge disconnect between what was offered to special education students across the state, school districts, and even from classroom to classroom under the same school leadership. We are being reassured that come this fall, distance learning will improve significantly, as teachers previously scrambled to pivot their entire programs during “crisis learning”.

Parents of students with IEP services need creative solutions regarding how to engage their children in online learning. Zoom whole-group weekly lessons are often not enough or inaccessible for our students with complex needs. Many parents are reporting huge losses in academic and behavioral gains since shelter in place commenced. In order to support our disability community, Arnold Advocacy has worked with a team of school experts to create a Custom Menu of Service delivery options for special education students. In collaboration with school leaders, special education teachers, behaviorists, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists, this extensive menu of options was created.

Our Distance Learning Service Delivery tool will be a huge resource when holding your next IEP meeting. These were intended to help clarify and improve distance learning for your specific child. Remember: it’s not too early to request that the IEP team get together to create a custom, distance learning plan for your child!

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