Advocate for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Colleen Arnold has expertise in working with children with autism through her work in the public school as a special day class teacher, as well as through her extensive work as a doctoral student. Her research agenda includes looking at students with autism and behavioral needs, as well as working with children who struggle with reading comprehension and hyperlexia.


Colleen acts as a curriculum consultant for Cypress School, working with students with autism on building their basic reading skills, as well as their reading comprehension. She works to train teachers and staff regarding research-based practices for students with autism in the area of reading.

Through her work as an autism advocate, Colleen has collaborated with Individualized Education Plan teams to improve behavior plans, create meaningful and measurable goals, as well as to advocate for needed 1:1 support within the classroom for children with autism. Her experience also encompasses working with families to determine what learning environment would best support their child’s academic and social-emotional needs.