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Colleen Arnold, Ed.D.


Dr. Colleen Arnold received her Doctorate in Special Education at the University of San Francisco (USF) in 2019. Prior to, she worked as an education specialist in Marin County for over ten years teaching in both nonpublic and public sectors of special education. She has her general education and special education teaching credentials, as well as her Master’s Degree from Dominican University (DU). She has taught at the university level at USF as well as DU as both an adjunct and term professor, specializing in teaching exceptional children, formalized assessment, Dyslexia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Historically, she has acted as a supervisor for new teachers and conducted numerous trainings and workshops for new teachers and nonpublic and private schools. Currently she consults in the nonpublic and public school sector, providing curriculum support, inclusion facilitation, and best practices for supporting students with disabilities.


A child first, individualized special education approach with a focus on school collaboration.

As a parent of a child with disabilities, navigating the school system can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. It’s difficult to know if your child is getting everything she or he needs in order to be successful and happy in school. Prioritizing services, supports, and outside therapies, can be a daunting process.

Special education advocate, Dr. Colleen Arnold of Arnold Advocacy, supports and advises families with children with disabilities  to more effectively navigate the public or private school system. Using a team-oriented approach, Dr. Arnold ensures that students have access to all of the services and accommodations they specifically need, to be their best selves. She also provides in-home support to families to implement strategies that improve behavior, focus, and organization. She works with families of students ages 3-22.


Dr. Arnold’s goal as a special education advocate is to ensure that all parents of students with disabilities are provided with the knowledge and background to be their child’s best advocate. She puts your child first, and spends time with your family to ensure a deep knowledge and understanding of your child across a multitude of environments.


Please contact special education advocate Dr. Arnold and Arnold Advocacy to learn more.

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Special Education Associate Advocate (Part Time)

The Special Education Associate Advocate’s role is to support and advocate for clients through the 504/IEP process.

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Feel free to join in! All ages and abilities are welcome. Bring some normalcy back into the lives of our students and connect with other children in a safe format!